Craig Fitzhugh is fighting for regular people:

Jobs Matter

Craig believes that jobs and the economy should be the #1 priority of the Tennessee General Assembly.

  • Will work across the aisle to pass a balanced budget, eliminate the tax on food & ensure equal pay for women.
  • Sponsored the “Tennessee First Act,” which would have given Tennesseans first-shot at state contracts, keeping your tax dollars here–not China or Mexico.
  • Sponsored a $5,000 tax cut for Tennessee small businesses.
  • Supports full funding for the West Tennessee Industrial Megasite in Brownsville, which will bring more companies like Nissan, Volkswagen and Dell to rural West Tennessee.

Education Matters

Craig believes that the key to a healthy economy is a solid education, which means strong public schools and access to higher education.

  • Sponsored the “Education for All Initiative” which would have made Pre-K available to every Tennessee child.
  • Supports Tennessee Teachers and opposes efforts to tie student achievement data to teacher licensure.
  • Secured $18,000,000 for Tennessee Technology Centers to update & expand their programs.
  • Stopped Administration efforts to cut HOPE Lottery Scholarships for 5,257 students.
  • Supports the “Tennessee Promise” which will provide free community college for all Tennessee students.

People Matter

Craig believes we need a government that is people centered, that’s why he holds regular town hall meetings and prints his contact information in the newspaper each week.

  • Sponsored legislation to freeze legislators’ pay and benefits.
  • Supports accepting federal funds to expand access to health care coverage for women, veterans and over 300,000 more Tennesseans.
  • Passed the “Jacob Nunely Act” to protect our college students from Meningitis.

Fighting for Regular People

As a father, grandfather, Baptist Deacon, Eagle Scout, veteran and community leader, Craig knows our values and is always on our side.

  • Craig is a frequent duck hunter, NRA member and supporter of the Second Amendment.
  • Craig is personally pro-life and believes that medical decisions are best left to a woman, her family and her doctor–not politicians in Nashville.
  • Supports religious liberty and tolerance in our schools.
  • Supports more funding and benefits for our troops returning home from war.
  • Supports stricter laws against sex-offenders and drug dealers.

News from the Campaign

Obama's visit reinforces need to expand health care

Originally published in the Tennessean

The President of the United States will be in Tennessee today discussing ongoing efforts to make health care more affordable. We welcome him to Nashville, knowing that for all the Republican rhetoric, the facts show the Affordable Care Act is working for Tennessee. My GOP friends may not like this fact, but it is time to move beyond the campaign rhetoric and govern like adults.

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